Jan Pilgrim is back in 2023 as the TVWC president after a year’s break from the position she held from 2018. until 2022. Jan is ready to to offer more dynamic change to the group, alongside some new and some already existing members of the 2023-4 executive Committee.

Current President

tvwc president 2023-4, wildlife care

Jan is a Possum specialist, hence her role as the small mammal Coordinator.

Jo Cabale, Wildlife rescuer, carer and rehabilitator. extraordinaire. So lucky are all the wildlife volunteers in the Tweed Valley to have such a dedicated, well organised and positive president. Definitely in for the long haul, Jo has dedicated many years of her life to issues related to Australian Wildlife, including the years when she held other Office Bearer positions.

President 2022-23

tvwc president 2023

Jo’s experience as species coordinator, vice president, secretary and committee member, to name a few of her previously held positions, is testament to her dedication and the loyalty of our many long standing active volunteer members. Presently Jo is also currently our phone coordinator.

Year President Vice President/th> Secretary Treasurer
1989 – 1995 (Coordinators) Sharon & Russell Costin
1993-94 (Coordinators) Sharon & Russell Costin
Pam Veness
Jennifer Verroen
1994-95 (Coordinators) Sharon & Russell Costin Carmel Harris Jennifer Verroen
1995-96 (Coordinator & Public Officer) Heather Meddick Maree Coley Russell Wild
1996-97 Jenelle Moore (Coordinator) Heather Meddick Trish Mann Gail Rich
1997-98 Sharon Costin Shayne Faust Lyn Tubman
Elaine McGregor
Trish Mann
Helen Morley
1998-99 Leigh Koppman Shayne Faust Chris Mellor Helen Morley
1999-2000 Graham Tubman Ann Simonds Ilona Roberts Adele Casson
2000-01 Graham Tubman Karl Schindler Ilona Roberts Yvonne Dow
2001-02 Graham Tubman
Dave Pinson Meredith Dennis (Acting) Dave Pinson
Adele Casson
Meredith Dennis
Ilona Roberts
Ilona Roberts
Sue McArthur
Sue McArthur
Yvonne Dow
Belinda Wright
Belinda Wright
2002-03 Ilona Roberts Helen Joakim (Acting) Ilona Roberts (Acting) Helen Joakim
2003-04 Ilona Roberts Helen Joakim Helen Joakim
2004-05 Ilona Roberts Helen Joakim & Lois Prior Helen Joakim
2005-06 Ilona Roberts Chato Page Helen Joakim
2006-07 Ilona Roberts Chato Page Suzanne Raabe
2007-08 Ilona Roberts Tony Seto (Acting)

Corrina Lever

Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
2008-09 Helen Joakim Klaus Fuhrmann Maree Coley Corrina Lever
2009-10 Connie Kerr Klaus Fuhrmann
Carolyn Latham

Jo Cabalé

Corrina Lever
2010-11 Connie Kerr Klaus Fuhrmann

Trent Townsend (Acting)

Julie Firkins Corrina Lever
2011-12 Connie Kerr Trent Townsend Julie Firkins Corrina Lever
2012-2013 Jo Cabale Sally Jacka Crystal Spencer Corrina Lever
2013-14 Jo Cabale Julie Anne Jan Pilgrim Corrina Lever
2014-15 Jo Cabale Ilona Roberts Jan Pilgrim Corrina Lever
2015-16 Jo Cabale Ilona Roberts Lew Rassaby Corrina Lever
2016-17 Jo Cabale Jacqui Paine Sue Eagle Corrina Lever
2017-18 Jan Pilgrim Max Walker Sharyn Wineberg Yvonne Dow
Belinda Wright
Belinda Wright
2018-19 Jan Pilgrim Lindsay Howard-Smith Sharyn Wineberg Peter Hurst
2019-20 Jan Pilgrim Peter Hurst
2020-21 Jan Pilgrim Jo Cabale Yvonne Gardiner Peter Hurst
2021-22 Jan Pilgrim Jo Cabale Yvonne Gardiner

Jenny Graham

Jo Cabalé (Acting)

Lyndonn Conabere

Robyn Gommers

2022-23 Jo Cabale Robyn Gommers (Acting) Bronyn Hibbard Robyn Gommers

Life Membership Honor Roll

Last year in 2022 the Committee decided to bring in a life membership award for long standing members who have proven their dedication to caring for, rearing and rescuing wildlife for many years. Additionally they mentor and train less experienced members, sharing their specialised species knowledge and much more. Congratulations to the members below who were included in the first round of awards.

Sue Johnson, 1999-2023 Reptile Coordinator
life membership award sue johnsonSince the 13 May 1999, Sue has been consistently active in many roles within our organisation – from rescuer and transporter, hand-raiser and carer, secretary and phone volunteer, to coordinator (possums & reptiles), mentor and trainer.
tweed valley wildlife carers life membership awardsIt is her constant passion for, and dedication to the welfare of our native wildlife that has led her to deal with literally hundreds of species and thousands of individual animals over the years.

Sue has inspired and nurtured this same interest and commitment in so many of our members throughout the years.

From all the creatures who can’t, and all the members who can, we say thank you for all your tireless efforts and your incredible contributions.

Mary Grant 2001-current Seabird & Waterbird Coordinator

Mary has always shown her preference for our Seabirds, waterbirds & Wading birds. She has been our Seabird Coordinator, Mentor and Trainer at Rescue & Transport training days and thru her bird id and capture techniques manuals.

life membership award sue johnson

Mary was never too shy to grace the camera for newspaper articles in support of her beloved birds.
Thanks to Ron Potter (her partner in seabirds) for the collection of these newspaper

life membership awards tweed valley wildlife carers articles over the years.

Nothing gets Mary running faster than a Bird in trouble, …. well that and a good looking Aborist.

Mary, from all the wildlife you have had a hand in helping and all the members who see you continue to help wildlife 24 / 7, We thank you.

Corrina Lever 2006 – current Macropod and Bird Coordinator

tvwc life membership Awards

The face behind the action! Corrina works tirelessly, 7 days and most nights a week to protect, rescue and transport our beautiful wildlife.

More than can be reasonably expected of a volunteer coordinator. Corrina has reared countless marsupials over her many years of dedication

When she’s not handling animals, she is fighting battles with various government departments on their behalf.

corrina, tweed valley wildlife carers life membership awards

Not to forget the tireless work to protect and care for our endangered bush stone-curlew. We thank you.


Ron Potter 2003-2023 Rescue & Transport

life membership award ron potter

During Ron’s time at TVWC its easier to list what he HASN’T DONE – Phones !! But even then he would grace us all at the phonie meetings and was dubbed an honorary phonie.

But to list them you would have Rescuer, transporter, overnight carer, after hours emergencies, committee member, R&T coordinator, mentor & trainer, seabird raptor turtle and bat rescuer, curlew chief, turtle rangler, evetweed valley wildlife carers life membership awardsnts helper, front of house at meetings, boat skipper, tackle bin coordinator and so much more.

His smiling face was also seen at every event and always there to lend a helping hand.

His 7 day a week help, saw no holidays missed, with his always ready to jump in his truck or boat and rescue the animals in need.

From all your furred and feathered friends, and the other ones, here and gone, we’re all real proud you called us “Mate”. Thank you.