Dedicated to the conservation and welfare of our local Tweed wildlife

Our objectives and aims revolve around the conservation and welfare of our local wildlife. Our foremost aim is the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native fauna using methods and knowledge gained from many years of experience in the field.

To this end our volunteers undertake training in the rescue and care of native wildlife. Many members involved in the care of animals have specialist expertise in the rescue and rehabilitation of particular species or groups of animals, e.g. possums/gliders, macropods, waterbirds, monotremes and flying foxes.

The group also aims to promptly and humanely relieve the suffering of animals whose injuries are so severe that they cannot be saved, with the assistance of local veterinarians and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Our objectives include wildlife advocacy and providing a voice for our native wildlife. Through the increase of public awareness, we aim to encourage the protection and welfare of wildlife and their habitat. We encourage our members also to become involved in habitat enhancement in the Tweed Valley, by planting locally grown suitable species on public reserves. Leading by example and with ongoing research, we endeavour to encourage and educate members of the public to adopt improved strategies where wildlife is concerned.

Rescue, Rehabilitate & Release

Our group was formed in 1989 by people interested in the Tweed area who saw there was a need to care for sick, injured or orphaned native fauna so they can be released back into to their natural habitat.

Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers is made up entirely of volunteers, licensed by the Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment.

Wildlife Relocation

Our aim is to educate residents of The Tweed about the wonderful array of native wildlife that inhabit our area and to encourage conservation of habitat in our unique environment.


Our group relies almost entirely on donations and grants. In 1998, we received charity status, and in 2006, we were granted tax deductible gift recipient status, allowing donations to be claimed as tax deductions. We hope, along with our fundraising activities, these steps will increase donations and allow the group to continue its vital work.


Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers is a not-for-profit group, run by trained volunteers who spend countless hours to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife. Our volunteers consist of 24-hour hotline operators, rescuers, transporters, species coordinators, carers, committee members and an administration team, adhering to policies and standards set by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

We are responsible for the rehabilitation of over 2,500 animals a year, with the group fielding approximately 5,000 calls to its 24-hour hotline in an average year. The group is supported by the Tweed Shire Council but requires donations from the public to buy equipment and supplies each year.

24 Hour Hotline

Our hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all wildlife emergencies in the Tweed Shire.

Please do not email reports of sick and injured wildlife as our emails are not monitored continually. For non-urgent enquiries, and to become a member, please email