Help to Save Wildlife by Donating Today

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Do you Want to donate to save wildlife? Please consider a tax deductible donation today

Four different way to donate to the Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers

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1. Donate using Give Now

Donations are accepted through the Give Now website. TVWC is a GST exempt registered charity and environmental organisation. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Save Wildlife Donate Today, blossom bat, bat rescue, tweed valley wildlife carers, donate to save wildlife

2. Donate with PayPal

Donations can be made directly to our PayPal account, also tax deductible.

Click PayPal donation button below.

Save Wildlife Donate Today, tweed valley wildlife carers, donate to save wildlife

3. Deposit to our Bank Account

Regular donations can also be arranged by direct debit, or you can make a one time donation into our Bank Account.


Bank Transfer: bsb: 112-879 

A/C 127 579 224

wildlife rescue baby swans, save wildlife donate today, donate to save wildlife

4. Bequest a Donation

You can bequest to help native animals. When making your will use the correct legal name: “Tweed Valley Wildlife Inc.” and its public fund “TVWC Public Fund”. I give the sum of $…for protecting native animals from cruelty and all forms of exploitation and for the protection and the restoration of native habitat essential for their survival.

This payment is to be made after all debts, funeral testamentary expenses, duties, taxes and any charges payable on my estate after my death. I wish to donate to save wildlife

How The Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers uses your Donations to Save lives

Our Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation group have been looking after the wildlife in the Tweed Shire for over thirty years. We work 365 days of the year, the Hotline is open 24 hours.  

 Details about how your donation can assist us

Thanks to your support, we:
  • Run a 24 hour hotline that takes 4,500 calls every year
  •  Subsidise the fuel costs of our rescuers who drive all over the shire daily
  • Subsidise the food costs of the 1,500 wildlife in care that we return to the wild every year
  • Raise community awareness on world environment day, providing the public with flyers, joining information and wildlife facts
  • Provide and update member training for specific species groups and hold new member orientation several times a year, ensuring that correct rescue procedures are followed
Your donations assist our group to expand and help more animals and birds
  • We can cover the costs of purchasing state of the art  equipment to rescue more wildlife
  • Donations help to cover the ongoing rehabilitation expenses such as food and subsidised transport costs.
  • We can train more volunteer carers and provide them with enclosures and equipment which reduces overcrowding and improves rehabilitation outcomes
  • We can provide and maintain more road signs, fishing area billboards and advertising which helps to raise community wildlife awareness and reduce  fatalities and injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wildlife species need special foods?
  • One flying fox can eat a kilo of fruit a day!
  • Baby possums, gliders and bandicoots require special marsupial milk that is quite expensive to produce!
  • Marsupial babies  may need feeding every four hours throughout the night and day!
Are all Donations Tax Deductible?

Yes all donations over $2 are fully tax deductable

Can you choose to pay an ongoing donation?

Ongoing donations of a nominated amount  can be made as a direct debit, using paypal or through the Give Now website. For details see the four ways to donate above. Ongoing donations may be cancelled at anytime and can be made at intervals of your choosing

Australian wildlife numbers are reducing rapidly every year due to loss of habitat due to land clearing, bushfires and disease.